Saturday, 7 July 2018

Summer of 2018


Namaste friends,

Here we are, July of 2018, in the summer that keeps on giving, and promises of another month of this blazing glory.

Has anyone else noticed the amazing light quality?  Of course full on sunshine will bring extra light, however there is definitely something different about the brightness.

It takes me back to the knowledge that in 2012 the Earth came out of Galactic Darkness and into Galactic light.  I remember saying way back then that our light quality would improve and I was obviously right. Well I have been known to be right sometimes!

On Wednesday this week I was in Oxford city with my granddaughter and we were in and out of many shops during the day.  After exiting one shop I had a slight moment where I thought I'd lost my beloved sunglasses as the day was so bright.  I was amazed to find that not only had I not lost them, I was actually wearing them!  Gosh! This made me stop and examine the light quality more mindfully.  It was indeed incredibly bright.

Of course, there have been so many shifts in consciousness this year and major earthly shits that I'm wondering why I am completely surprised by the light.  'Let there be light'.  And boy is there light.  At this present time, we are coming into balance after the latest shifts however there will be more to come this month with three eclipses in July.  So, hold onto your hats.  Take a moment each day just to tune in and sense the vibrations.  How do they feel to you?  Fast, slow, chaotic or calm?  By doing this regularly you will become more adept at sensing the vibration changing.  Keeping your finger on the pulse, so to speak.  Awareness is a major key in spiritual development.

Are you aware of the shifts? Some people are becoming much more sensitive to the changes in vibrations  and recognise it as such. However, others may wonder what on earth in going on.  It seems that their world has been turned upside down bringing about numerous shifts and changes at a fundamental level.  Somethings have come to an end; relationships, jobs, friendships all dissolving swiftly.  Many are experiencing a death within their family circle or close friends and feel dismayed at the outcome that is so final.  Others are experiencing a death within their selves.  things just don't fit in the same way anymore.

Blessings to you if you are amongst those of us dealing with severe loss.  My heart opens to you and I send out loving thoughts and healing.  These experiences, albeit extremely painful, opens doors and avenues we would not have ventured down if things had stayed the same.  One thing we can sure of in this life is change.  Everything changes over time.

When we branch out in a new direction, we may feel unsure of our journey and therefore unsure of ourselves.  As long as you put yourself in a place of trusting the Divine light, all will flow beautifully.  Check in with yourself regularly, as you journey forward.  Make sure you are still living in the moment, in the peace and tranquillity that Divine trust brings.  If you realise you're not living in the moment, stop and take three conscious deep breaths.  This helps to bring you back to the present moment, where it is easier to take one moment at a time.

Blessings and light

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