Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Awakening up dates

As you expand our awareness and light, darkness also expands and tries to beckon us into negative thinking and pulling us down.  So beware of this sabotage which may manifest us slipping back into habits and patterns that no longer serve us. 
The antidote to sabotage – breath awareness.  Breath awareness is such a gift which is why I teach the 7th Level Breathing.  This helps you on your journey of Self Mastery.

Look around you with breath and whatever lifts the corners of your mouth, trust that.
You may have a feeling that there is just too much going on.
Also hearing white noise and ringing in the ears. Try to listen beyond this noise rather than listening to the sounds.
You may be reaching a place of inner calm and yet there is so much drama around you.  Try not to get attached to the drama.
Your own outmoded conditioning showing itself for vital change or illumination
Truth is emerging – worldwide & with self
Telepathy development all around moving us towards a time where nothing is hidden

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