Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Busy and changing times

Namaste dear friends

What a busy time we're all having.  Completely off the charts it seems.  There just appears to be more to deal with than ever and not enough time to address it all.  You may feel completely overwhelmed with it all.  
"How can I cope?" you might ask yourself and yet, even though your life is completely overloaded, you are in fact coping in some sort of way.  During all of these crazy days, the Universe is indeed supporting you. This may surprise you with all that has been thrown at you in the recent days.  

For instance a friend, who was completely under increasing pressure, had an accident recently.  Luckily nobody was hurt. However it stopped them in their tracts.  How was the Universe supporting them?  Perhaps I queried, maybe they had been doing far too much and putting themselves under a lot of pressure.  In fact when had they last taken a day off?  The Universe was giving a clear message to slow right down.  Once you begin to read the laws of nature you will begin to see that the Universe will help you  to go in the right direction.

It's an important time to get yourself organised so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. When we are muddled outside of ourselves, it has a knock on affect to our peace of mind and we feel muddled and under pressure.  

Listen to the promptings of your mind and trust the process.  You are waking up to a higher frequency and a more peaceful state of mind. Have a beautiful day