Friday, 22 June 2012

Reassurance from Linda Graham founder of Higher Visions

Recently my phone has been ringing steadily and emails are flooding in, with an increasing number of people, who are feeling unnerved because they have been having, a mixture of unusual experiences.  

Many have said that it all began, when they realised that each time they glanced at the clock, it was always showing repetitive double figures, for example, 12.12pm, 11.11am and 14.14pm.  A few people have been unsettled  by this, even though they are not entirely sure why.  When this sort of thing keeps happening, you begin to realise that this just can't be mere coincidence. So just what is going on? Actually, I believe that coincidence doesn't really exist, its simply synchronicity.

Others report a long list of occurrences that includes:
  • Seeing orbs,
  • Angels appearing
  • Having direct contact with spirits
  • Seeing auras around people & plants
  • Seeing tiny LED type of lights everywhere.  
An incredible amount of calls, relate to feeling or sensing, that there is an unseen presence in the room. This is also heralded by the appearance of a really cold energy, that seems focused in one particular place in the building. Making another addition to this growing list of events, is pungent smells that suddenly fill the room. For instance cigarette,   cigar or pipe smoke, curling into the atmosphere. Or overwhelming heady perfume, so strong that you it grabs your attention and therefore unavoidable. 

Some calls have come from very frightened individuals, who have felt as though something had held them down on their bed. Each of them saying that during the experience, they were unable to move or speak.  Also there is a increasing amount of people who have had spontaneous out of body experiences. 

Are you on that long the list, of those who have suddenly started having panic attacks? This can happen as your sensitivity expands. Last on this list today are those who have begun to 'hear voices' and are really scared that they are destined for a mental break down, or indeed in the middle of one. Bless their hearts, I remember thinking the same thing myself, all those years ago.

If any of these phenomenons are happening to you, please do not be alarmed. It could just simply be signs of your soul awakening.  This is what Higher Visions is here for, to help you comprehend what is happening. You don't have to be on your own with this. It is wise to get some understanding of what is happening, so you can feel safe.

Through this blog, I would like to share with you, some of the many cosmic experiences I had during my life.  The messages I received during my early visions,  instigated me to set up Higher Visions, especially for this time of awakening. 

I have headed the blog 'Reassurance' because when you realise you are not alone with these unusual happenings it promotes a flood of relief across your mind.

During my awakening journey I have many cosmic experiences, covering such a wide range:
  • Repeatative dreams that led me to study dreams
  • Out of body experiences travelling up to the higher realms
  • Regularly visiting the halls of learning.
  • I've seen angel and spirits
  • Had many visions that was just like watching films.
  • I became clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsensient, and a medium. 
  • Telepathy began to feature powerfully and everything became alive in my world, communicating with me and so much more besides.
  • Seeing auras & chakras
  • Remote viewing
  • I became an astrologer and holistic therapist
  • Now an International spiritual teacher