Monday, 24 December 2012

Hi my dears,

Blessings and love to you at the heart filled time of Christmas. By the look of the weather we need to be asking Santa for wellies! Prayers go to all those who are experiencing flooding in their homes.  

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you from my heart, for supporting Higher Visions this year. Special thanks to all our wonderful guest speakers and all have given their kindness and help.

 So here we are, almost at the end of a very busy year of change and openings.  Many people have reported the ups and downs of their journeys.  All experiences giving us clear signals and signposts.

We had amazing gatherings this month on the 12/12/12 & 21/12/12  bringing in the light.
Jenny Woodhead & Stella

Myself with baby Archie & twin flames Steve & Michelle from Clacton

Michelle shows me photo's of orbs

Catherine & Dietmar Kennard brought us beautiful channelled songs
two guest listen to Amasheela's (Jo Buchanan) words of wisdom

Emily, Lisa, Anjela & Duncan all enjoyed the ceremonies

The energetic lifting of Earths vibrations into the 5th dimension certainly is ringing the changes that are occurring in our lives.  Look around you and recognise the new directions in actions, thoughts, vocation & location in the last few months. These are all outward signs of the changes taking place within you. 

No matter how these occurred, the transformations of our lives are being brought about by inner needs. Resisting change can make you edgy and restless. Going with the flow is the optimum choice.

Now it is the time to go within and to realise just who you really are. It is a time of  working towards Self Mastery and breaking reactionary patterns that really does not serve your higher self. A time to honour the highest in yourself.  This takes effort and   awareness.  Ask your angel to help you.

It is now a power time to take ownership for all that happens for you. Taking true responsibility for all that you experience is an interesting journey. Remember everything that happens to you, comes from you.  Even though that may not seem possible, it is true. 

Now as we enter a completely new phase in the worlds vibrations and enhanced  human energy field, we must strive for   happiness, joy and upliftment. Some people have left this earths vibration, this takes us on a journey where we experience new  directions in our minds, attracting new  people into your lives and suddenly, we are on a new journey. It may feel like a painful one.  Do remember your loved ones are just a whisper away.

Take the time to look and see what was going on in your mind when certain things occurred.  You may have been fearing a certain experience and then it happened.  Your inner fear will have attracted the experience towards yourself. Maybe it has helped you take another direction that your Highest Self knows is better for you. 

When an experience comes towards you that feels completely opposed to your thinking and way of being, we can send out blame. We can say that another person has made us angry.  However no one can make you annoyed, it is you that allows yourself to be annoyed. That can be exhausting.

In the 5th dimension we take another view point. Looking at all situations from a higher perspective is fascinating. Remain in your highest plane of thinking.  See others as guides, signposts and support.

2013 is a year to really step into our true  spiritual journey. 2013 It is a year to focus & work on   ourselves, to bring about our highest and best selves.

Take time for yourself. I am listening      intently to what I am     saying. I am choosing to honour myself so much more than I have ever done.  My guide Walking Reindeer, says at last!  It has always been easier to be kind to others. Be  gentle on the self. I am gentle on myself.

You may find as the year unfolds that there may be a parting of the ways with some people. Even if you have resonated with that person for many years. This will be either through circumstance or choice.  Whatever the reason, the gap is widening. Do not be dismayed over this, you are forewarned and   therefore forearmed. 

Do remember that         everything comes from yourself. People are asking why are they fatigued and low then have high energies.  It is normal at this time. It is part of the integration process in your physical body with these new      energies.  Incorporating new chakra’s.  During this process, the difference is clearly    noticeable between the high  vibrational energy of the new Golden Age of the 5th dimension and the heavier energy of the old world of the 3rd dimension.

Many have one foot in each dimension. This can be very confusing and even give a sense of chaos. Bringing fluctuating     emotions. One moment you are very happy and the next  moment you're depressed.  Often this is related to what you're focused on.  

With awareness you will feel your thoughts and  actions more clearly, You will realise which of those are  resonating with the high frequencies and which ones are resonating with the lower frequencies.

Time to let go of the     activities and thoughts which keeps you trapped in the 3rd dimension and focus on those thoughts and activities that will serve you and the whole.  You are longing for the new Golden Age of      oneness & connectedness,

However because you still have to deal with the     reality of the ancient world and the activities related to it, these activities feel very heavy.

You can change this by placing these activities and thoughts into the Golden Energy and connecting them with the 5th dimension of oneness and connectedness.   Place all thoughts in the new Golden Vibration.

Two or three times a day, take a moment to take 3 CONSCIOUS BREATHS aligning to the Golden ray of the 5th dimension.  3 deep breaths now.

Do the 7th Level Breathing Course.. next on is on Sunday 12th January. One conscious breath a day changes your life.

During the journey of time between 2012 - 2013 a cruscendo is taking place and the highest frequency of light will be available to you, so you can stabilize the higher consciousness.

The Divine light is inside of and now we are awakening to this. So work with this highest frequency, taking quiet moments of reflection, meditate, pray, help others where you can.

Wishing you blessings for the Christmas Celebrations and a light filled, uplifiting year for 2013. 

Love and light Linda