Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Awakening Journey 

I've been away from here on quite a mission during the last two years. 2012 certainly shifted things and busy days opened up a list of community needs. We are certainly moving forward at quite a rate now. Never before has the human race reached this point of awakening and it is encapsulating many new comers. Change is in the air both on an individual basis and collectively. 

A mass spiritual awakening is happening, expanding human consciousness in astonishing ways.  Collectively the huge shifts that have been occuring are unplugging us from a  deep fear based patterns rooted control, disempowerment, and separation. None of us are separate, we are all connected.  We are moving towards integrity, one love and connectedness with everything.

 How has the awakening been so far for you? I had my huge awakening nearly thirty years ago which transformed my life 180 degrees.  One thing I knew very clearly at that time was, that nothing was ever going to be the same again, after those early experiences. As I write my blog, I thought I would share some of the experiences to help reassure you that all is well and in time I will do just that.

Right now, today 7/10/2014 the shift of frequencies and vibrations are really moving fast. All who are aligning themselves with the new vibrations, are finding they are meeting their teachers and guides along the way. Thankfully this happened for me when my world had changed all that time ago.

They say when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears. So if you have recently been meeting with some interesting and unplifting spiritual people, they are mirroring back to you, all that you are. Even if you don't get it at first, rest assured, they are showing you who you are deep inside.

This is the time that you may leave things behind you. Anything that drags you down, isn't at the right frequency for you and therefore makes you feel heavy. If you are not feeling uplifted and inspired, then the place, people or activity does not suit you at this time. Listen to yourself. Spend time in silence each day.  Your guides and angels are waiting to connect deeply with you. Turn off your televisions, radio and music, just for a moment and listen.  Hear your heart showing you the way of your souls compass, pulling you in a different direction. 

 Some of the awakening symptoms are 

  • Changes in your diet as you automatically move away from foods and drinks that are not in alignment with the new frequencies
  •  Aches and pains occur and illness are on the rise as you resist your trues self. Be still and breathe deeply to allay fears, and listen to your body's knowing.
  • As you chakras, energy gates open you feel new sensations throughout your body
  • You may experience electrical charge flowing through you
  • Electrical appliances and light bulbs may blow fuses as your energy is not grounded
  • feeling emotional and you don't know why
  • Onset of lower back pain
  • and so much more
Drink plenty of pure water, eat raw vegetables and fruit. Don't worry if you are not sleeping. It is all a sign you are waking up.  Meditate and remember be aware of your breathing. Take five deep breaths at the beginning of each day. Blessings and light


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