Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Busy and changing times

Namaste dear friends

What a busy time we're all having.  Completely off the charts it seems.  There just appears to be more to deal with than ever and not enough time to address it all.  You may feel completely overwhelmed with it all.  
"How can I cope?" you might ask yourself and yet, even though your life is completely overloaded, you are in fact coping in some sort of way.  During all of these crazy days, the Universe is indeed supporting you. This may surprise you with all that has been thrown at you in the recent days.  

For instance a friend, who was completely under increasing pressure, had an accident recently.  Luckily nobody was hurt. However it stopped them in their tracts.  How was the Universe supporting them?  Perhaps I queried, maybe they had been doing far too much and putting themselves under a lot of pressure.  In fact when had they last taken a day off?  The Universe was giving a clear message to slow right down.  Once you begin to read the laws of nature you will begin to see that the Universe will help you  to go in the right direction.

It's an important time to get yourself organised so that everything runs as smoothly as possible. When we are muddled outside of ourselves, it has a knock on affect to our peace of mind and we feel muddled and under pressure.  

Listen to the promptings of your mind and trust the process.  You are waking up to a higher frequency and a more peaceful state of mind. Have a beautiful day

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Awakening up dates

As you expand our awareness and light, darkness also expands and tries to beckon us into negative thinking and pulling us down.  So beware of this sabotage which may manifest us slipping back into habits and patterns that no longer serve us. 
The antidote to sabotage – breath awareness.  Breath awareness is such a gift which is why I teach the 7th Level Breathing.  This helps you on your journey of Self Mastery.

Look around you with breath and whatever lifts the corners of your mouth, trust that.
You may have a feeling that there is just too much going on.
Also hearing white noise and ringing in the ears. Try to listen beyond this noise rather than listening to the sounds.
You may be reaching a place of inner calm and yet there is so much drama around you.  Try not to get attached to the drama.
Your own outmoded conditioning showing itself for vital change or illumination
Truth is emerging – worldwide & with self
Telepathy development all around moving us towards a time where nothing is hidden

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Saturday, 7 July 2018

Summer of 2018


Namaste friends,

Here we are, July of 2018, in the summer that keeps on giving, and promises of another month of this blazing glory.

Has anyone else noticed the amazing light quality?  Of course full on sunshine will bring extra light, however there is definitely something different about the brightness.

It takes me back to the knowledge that in 2012 the Earth came out of Galactic Darkness and into Galactic light.  I remember saying way back then that our light quality would improve and I was obviously right. Well I have been known to be right sometimes!

On Wednesday this week I was in Oxford city with my granddaughter and we were in and out of many shops during the day.  After exiting one shop I had a slight moment where I thought I'd lost my beloved sunglasses as the day was so bright.  I was amazed to find that not only had I not lost them, I was actually wearing them!  Gosh! This made me stop and examine the light quality more mindfully.  It was indeed incredibly bright.

Of course, there have been so many shifts in consciousness this year and major earthly shits that I'm wondering why I am completely surprised by the light.  'Let there be light'.  And boy is there light.  At this present time, we are coming into balance after the latest shifts however there will be more to come this month with three eclipses in July.  So, hold onto your hats.  Take a moment each day just to tune in and sense the vibrations.  How do they feel to you?  Fast, slow, chaotic or calm?  By doing this regularly you will become more adept at sensing the vibration changing.  Keeping your finger on the pulse, so to speak.  Awareness is a major key in spiritual development.

Are you aware of the shifts? Some people are becoming much more sensitive to the changes in vibrations  and recognise it as such. However, others may wonder what on earth in going on.  It seems that their world has been turned upside down bringing about numerous shifts and changes at a fundamental level.  Somethings have come to an end; relationships, jobs, friendships all dissolving swiftly.  Many are experiencing a death within their family circle or close friends and feel dismayed at the outcome that is so final.  Others are experiencing a death within their selves.  things just don't fit in the same way anymore.

Blessings to you if you are amongst those of us dealing with severe loss.  My heart opens to you and I send out loving thoughts and healing.  These experiences, albeit extremely painful, opens doors and avenues we would not have ventured down if things had stayed the same.  One thing we can sure of in this life is change.  Everything changes over time.

When we branch out in a new direction, we may feel unsure of our journey and therefore unsure of ourselves.  As long as you put yourself in a place of trusting the Divine light, all will flow beautifully.  Check in with yourself regularly, as you journey forward.  Make sure you are still living in the moment, in the peace and tranquillity that Divine trust brings.  If you realise you're not living in the moment, stop and take three conscious deep breaths.  This helps to bring you back to the present moment, where it is easier to take one moment at a time.

Blessings and light

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Awakening Journey 

I've been away from here on quite a mission during the last two years. 2012 certainly shifted things and busy days opened up a list of community needs. We are certainly moving forward at quite a rate now. Never before has the human race reached this point of awakening and it is encapsulating many new comers. Change is in the air both on an individual basis and collectively. 

A mass spiritual awakening is happening, expanding human consciousness in astonishing ways.  Collectively the huge shifts that have been occuring are unplugging us from a  deep fear based patterns rooted control, disempowerment, and separation. None of us are separate, we are all connected.  We are moving towards integrity, one love and connectedness with everything.

 How has the awakening been so far for you? I had my huge awakening nearly thirty years ago which transformed my life 180 degrees.  One thing I knew very clearly at that time was, that nothing was ever going to be the same again, after those early experiences. As I write my blog, I thought I would share some of the experiences to help reassure you that all is well and in time I will do just that.

Right now, today 7/10/2014 the shift of frequencies and vibrations are really moving fast. All who are aligning themselves with the new vibrations, are finding they are meeting their teachers and guides along the way. Thankfully this happened for me when my world had changed all that time ago.

They say when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears. So if you have recently been meeting with some interesting and unplifting spiritual people, they are mirroring back to you, all that you are. Even if you don't get it at first, rest assured, they are showing you who you are deep inside.

This is the time that you may leave things behind you. Anything that drags you down, isn't at the right frequency for you and therefore makes you feel heavy. If you are not feeling uplifted and inspired, then the place, people or activity does not suit you at this time. Listen to yourself. Spend time in silence each day.  Your guides and angels are waiting to connect deeply with you. Turn off your televisions, radio and music, just for a moment and listen.  Hear your heart showing you the way of your souls compass, pulling you in a different direction. 

 Some of the awakening symptoms are 

  • Changes in your diet as you automatically move away from foods and drinks that are not in alignment with the new frequencies
  •  Aches and pains occur and illness are on the rise as you resist your trues self. Be still and breathe deeply to allay fears, and listen to your body's knowing.
  • As you chakras, energy gates open you feel new sensations throughout your body
  • You may experience electrical charge flowing through you
  • Electrical appliances and light bulbs may blow fuses as your energy is not grounded
  • feeling emotional and you don't know why
  • Onset of lower back pain
  • and so much more
Drink plenty of pure water, eat raw vegetables and fruit. Don't worry if you are not sleeping. It is all a sign you are waking up.  Meditate and remember be aware of your breathing. Take five deep breaths at the beginning of each day. Blessings and light


Monday, 24 December 2012

Hi my dears,

Blessings and love to you at the heart filled time of Christmas. By the look of the weather we need to be asking Santa for wellies! Prayers go to all those who are experiencing flooding in their homes.  

I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you from my heart, for supporting Higher Visions this year. Special thanks to all our wonderful guest speakers and all have given their kindness and help.

 So here we are, almost at the end of a very busy year of change and openings.  Many people have reported the ups and downs of their journeys.  All experiences giving us clear signals and signposts.

We had amazing gatherings this month on the 12/12/12 & 21/12/12  bringing in the light.
Jenny Woodhead & Stella

Myself with baby Archie & twin flames Steve & Michelle from Clacton

Michelle shows me photo's of orbs

Catherine & Dietmar Kennard brought us beautiful channelled songs
two guest listen to Amasheela's (Jo Buchanan) words of wisdom

Emily, Lisa, Anjela & Duncan all enjoyed the ceremonies

The energetic lifting of Earths vibrations into the 5th dimension certainly is ringing the changes that are occurring in our lives.  Look around you and recognise the new directions in actions, thoughts, vocation & location in the last few months. These are all outward signs of the changes taking place within you. 

No matter how these occurred, the transformations of our lives are being brought about by inner needs. Resisting change can make you edgy and restless. Going with the flow is the optimum choice.

Now it is the time to go within and to realise just who you really are. It is a time of  working towards Self Mastery and breaking reactionary patterns that really does not serve your higher self. A time to honour the highest in yourself.  This takes effort and   awareness.  Ask your angel to help you.

It is now a power time to take ownership for all that happens for you. Taking true responsibility for all that you experience is an interesting journey. Remember everything that happens to you, comes from you.  Even though that may not seem possible, it is true. 

Now as we enter a completely new phase in the worlds vibrations and enhanced  human energy field, we must strive for   happiness, joy and upliftment. Some people have left this earths vibration, this takes us on a journey where we experience new  directions in our minds, attracting new  people into your lives and suddenly, we are on a new journey. It may feel like a painful one.  Do remember your loved ones are just a whisper away.

Take the time to look and see what was going on in your mind when certain things occurred.  You may have been fearing a certain experience and then it happened.  Your inner fear will have attracted the experience towards yourself. Maybe it has helped you take another direction that your Highest Self knows is better for you. 

When an experience comes towards you that feels completely opposed to your thinking and way of being, we can send out blame. We can say that another person has made us angry.  However no one can make you annoyed, it is you that allows yourself to be annoyed. That can be exhausting.

In the 5th dimension we take another view point. Looking at all situations from a higher perspective is fascinating. Remain in your highest plane of thinking.  See others as guides, signposts and support.

2013 is a year to really step into our true  spiritual journey. 2013 It is a year to focus & work on   ourselves, to bring about our highest and best selves.

Take time for yourself. I am listening      intently to what I am     saying. I am choosing to honour myself so much more than I have ever done.  My guide Walking Reindeer, says at last!  It has always been easier to be kind to others. Be  gentle on the self. I am gentle on myself.

You may find as the year unfolds that there may be a parting of the ways with some people. Even if you have resonated with that person for many years. This will be either through circumstance or choice.  Whatever the reason, the gap is widening. Do not be dismayed over this, you are forewarned and   therefore forearmed. 

Do remember that         everything comes from yourself. People are asking why are they fatigued and low then have high energies.  It is normal at this time. It is part of the integration process in your physical body with these new      energies.  Incorporating new chakra’s.  During this process, the difference is clearly    noticeable between the high  vibrational energy of the new Golden Age of the 5th dimension and the heavier energy of the old world of the 3rd dimension.

Many have one foot in each dimension. This can be very confusing and even give a sense of chaos. Bringing fluctuating     emotions. One moment you are very happy and the next  moment you're depressed.  Often this is related to what you're focused on.  

With awareness you will feel your thoughts and  actions more clearly, You will realise which of those are  resonating with the high frequencies and which ones are resonating with the lower frequencies.

Time to let go of the     activities and thoughts which keeps you trapped in the 3rd dimension and focus on those thoughts and activities that will serve you and the whole.  You are longing for the new Golden Age of      oneness & connectedness,

However because you still have to deal with the     reality of the ancient world and the activities related to it, these activities feel very heavy.

You can change this by placing these activities and thoughts into the Golden Energy and connecting them with the 5th dimension of oneness and connectedness.   Place all thoughts in the new Golden Vibration.

Two or three times a day, take a moment to take 3 CONSCIOUS BREATHS aligning to the Golden ray of the 5th dimension.  3 deep breaths now.

Do the 7th Level Breathing Course.. next on is on Sunday 12th January. One conscious breath a day changes your life.

During the journey of time between 2012 - 2013 a cruscendo is taking place and the highest frequency of light will be available to you, so you can stabilize the higher consciousness.

The Divine light is inside of and now we are awakening to this. So work with this highest frequency, taking quiet moments of reflection, meditate, pray, help others where you can.

Wishing you blessings for the Christmas Celebrations and a light filled, uplifiting year for 2013. 

Love and light Linda   

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Good morning everyone.

Up and about early this morning. BrrrR a cool and foggy start to the day...lets hope the sunshine manages to get through today.  

Once a month there will be a gathering at Amasheela Jo Buchanan's house for a development circle. We are fully committed to honouring the circles development, to enhance our understanding, of the new vibrations and awakening, which is available to us all. The first Development Circle will be on 10th October 2012 7.30 pm -9.30 at
The Limes, Barton Rd, Thurston, Suffolk IP31 3PG. 23 spaces only please register your place as soon as possible with Amasheela Jo Buchanan or email linda@highervisions.net.

We had a brilliant Higher Visions gathering at The Venture centre in Lawford on Tuesday 2nd Oct. Many people shared their experiences of the awakening and a great discussion followed. As we share our experiences, we automatically help others to feel safer as they develop. Gavin Roberts Hypnotherapy gave another engaging talk. We are really looking forward to his
PAST LIFE REGRESSION WORKSHOP 27th October. 10am-1pm Nowton Court, Nowton Rd, Bury St Edmunds IP29 5LU.
(please note there has been a change to the advertised venue for this workshop)  If you haven't booked yet there are still a few places left. Go to bookings at www.highervisions.net.

The next Higher Visions gathering in Bury St Edmunds, is on Wed 31st October at The Quaker meeting house, St Johns St, Bury St Edmunds 7.30-9.30pm. Our guest speaker is the wonderful Ocean Whitehawk coming to talk to us. Ocean is totally captivating . Educator and teacher in shifting mindsets and limiting beliefs. Group as well as one to one mentoring in professional field and personal life.

Author of 'JuicyWoman - A Spiritual Guide to Your Feminine Radiance', an exciting manual empowering women who are looking for more beyond the superficial and the mundane and for women who want to be the great soul she's born to be.

Her second book 'The Simple Truth: 2012 and Beyond, released in October 2011, reminds the reader of the soul destiny that awaits when he or she is ready to take that quantum leap into the Great Unknown.

Inspirational speaker and facilitator in spiritual growth and self-empowerment.On a mission to help individuals awaken to their God-within and achieve self-mastery for the betterment of society and the world.

Self-Esteem, Vibrant Health, Happiness, Personal Development, Mind-Body Science, Spiritual Intelligence, Higher Consciousness, Universal Principles e.g. law of attraction, law of love, Enlightenment.

We are delighted to announce that Ocean will be running a workshop for Higher Visions on Saturday 17th November 'Activate the Divine in your Nature'

Mind, Body Soul      
10th November 2012 10am-4.30pm
The Arc Shopping Centre,
Bury St Edmunds,
Suffolk IP33 3FD


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We will be inviting people to write their messages of peace to the world and then we will attach each one to a helium filled balloon. These will be released at 4pm, filling the air with their vibrational thoughts in a very powerful way.  
Donations only 

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Much more to follow when all the details are in.........